Into the maelstrom


Erik showing part of his fascinating type-technology-historic collection.

With that first interior-architecture-art-festival-project out of the way (oh glory be to the heavens), I have now completely been sucked into the force field that is TypeMedia, semester one. We have lessons Monday through Friday for at least half of each day, with the rest of the time at our disposal to work on the (many, diverse) assignments and get better at the (many, diverse) required skills. Currently those are roughly: writing with the broad nib pen / flat brush, writing with the pointed pen, writing Python in Drawbot, researching our revival typeface, and keeping the foosball table both busy and in one piece. Most of this is really hard, and all of it either really interesting, or really fun, or both; and I feel very much at home amongst this little crew of overmotivated typenuts (I mean that in the best thinkable way), working quietly into the night in our den, interspersed with belly-aching fun. “Of all the places in the world that we could be right now”, James said one of the past few days, “this feeling that we’re just in exactly the best one.” I’ll have to agree.


Typical view from my desk.


Current state of broad-nib wobbliness. I’m gradually making friends with that brush – I am enjoying this, which is a first.


Pointed pen demonstration/play in the hall.


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