Us in the Land of Letters


Hugo, David, Josh, Alex, James, and the original Kelmscott Chaucer edition.

These days at school are crazy and quiet and beautiful and rich and so full that there is almost nothing outside them, except maybe a beer and a dream in the night. I go to school at nine in the morning, get home about ten in the evening, they are lovely long days spent exploring the universe of lettershapes, letters drawn, written, coded, researched, discussed, searched, found. Hated. Loved.

Today, part of our day in the land of letters was an excursion into books: Jan Willem took us to Museum Meermanno. We got a first impression of the museum and its magnificent collection of historical (mostly early) printed books (the first one I saw exhibited just happened to be Aldus Manutius’ famous Hypnerotomachia Poliphili) as well as secondary literature and resources; and we were shown some of their treasures by their wonderful librarian. That such a fascinating resource should be a mere two blocks away from our school…! And we may well need it soon too, researching our revival typefaces.


We got a good look at Jan van Krimpen’s original drawings for Romulus today. The precision with which such production drawings were executed never fails to amaze me.


We got pretty excited.


Breathtaking lettering by Helmut Salden.


Slávka, Josh, James, Heidi, Mark, Alexandre, Hugo


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