Multi-component glue

As a TypeMedia student in the middle of her final project, one thing you get plenty of is feedback and critique.* Various quite brilliant (and usually Dutchly straightforward) teachers with razor-sharp eyes will notice and comment on different things almost every day, ask hard questions, and usually have entirely different ideas and recommendations. It’s your job to make sense of these things and sort out which leads to follow how far.
This is both tremendously helpful and a puzzle in itself. Most of the time I’m in a state of stronger or lesser confusion with a million unsolved questions floating around in my head.
In the best moments, all the separate bits of input (sometimes days, weeks later) react with the shapes on my screen, in my head like multi-component glue. Take two or more seemingly unrelated comments that I’m not sure about, mix in brain, let sit a bit, and suddenly they will solidify into something solid and new, a way I hadn’t seen, a new door that opens. It’s pretty great when that happens.

(* One thing you don’t get a lot of is time, such as for writing proper lengthy blog posts.)

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