Barcelona thunderstorm gif


Not sure if anyone else finds thunderstorms as fascinating as I do, but here you go. In the night before the start of ATypI Barcelona, one of the most dramatic thunderstorms I’ve seen. This was pretty fantastic to watch, at least until after much such faraway, beautiful, almost-silent lightning suddenly thunder crashed down directly above and I was very, very awake for the next hour or so.

The above was made with the iPhone 5s “Burst Mode”, which is much more sensitive than recording a video. Next time I’ll try not to shake so much.

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  1. I do!

    I can’t say I’ve been in any European thunderstorms for comparison, but the mid-Atlantic states of the US have amazing storms in the summer. If you get an opportunity to visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you are almost guaranteed a house-shaking thunderstorm that you can watch for miles as it passes over the ocean.

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